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At Your Best Now Podcast

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Mar 1, 2014

I was complaining to my dentist that even after waiting months, it seemed that my teeth were very sensitive on the left side when I chew.  He suggested I get a night guard.  "What?  "I don't clench my teeth! Not during the day or at night". That's what I told myself as I threw the guard in the bathroom closet.  Six months later I mentioned it to him again and he asked, "Do you use the night guard"?  I told him I thought it was just a suggestion which he gently reminded me he made it for me for a reason.  So, I decided to use it and within weeks I could chew peanuts on the left side of my mouth!

Muscles tighten and stay tightened even when you don't realize you're doing it.  Progressive muscle relaxation is a way to begin to recognize it, get the sensation of relaxation, and train your muscles to relax.

Added to breathing exercises, this is an effective way to promote relaxation throughout the day.

The script I'm using is from the SAMHSA publication, Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients.  It's in the public domain and a great resource.  Enjoy!  *  Relationship Glue  *  Quiet Creatives  *  The Analyzed Capitalist