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At Your Best Now Podcast

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May 1, 2014

Photo: flicker - Graeme Churchard

This essay is about how we became self aware, and how that awareness follows us--or doesn't--today in our modern lives. 

You will find that I unapologetically reference our evolutionary past and encourage you to check out the film by Werner Hertzog, "Cave of Forgotten Dreams"  I have it on DVD and I'm always taken back as if to that time thousands of years ago as modern humans awoke to culture and myth.  

I encourage you to read some old existential material and something new as well:

Albert Camus: "The Stranger", and "The Myth of Sisyphus"

Stephen Hayes, Ph.D and Spencer Smith: "Get Out of Your Mind and into Your Life"  *  Relationship Glue Quiet Creatives  *  The Analyzed Capitialist